Baidu Root APK Latest Download for Android – 2022

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Are you looking for the simplest method for you to root to root your Android device without using a PC? Then you’re at the right place since today we’ll discuss Baidu root app. It’s the most well-known application that can root over 60000+ of devices.

Learn more about how to get and download the newest version Baidu root on your Android tablet or smartphone. In the future, we’ll go over the questions people have regarding this application.

What is Baidu Root Apk?

Baidu root Apk is an Chinese developed application that is used primarily to root android devices. If you’re not sure the meaning of rooting, don’t fret, I’ll go over it in the following section. After you have rooted your device, there’s a lot to discover. But the most important thing about Baidu root is that Baidu root app is that it offers a variety of features inside the app.

One of the main features worth noting is its capability to track different permissions granted to applications. Thus, you’ll always be informed of the information that is currently available and who has access to it.

It is also possible to delete bloatware(unwanted applications for the system) on the phone. Additionally, with a tweaking of the kernel it is possible to reduce the time it takes to boot their phone.

What is Rooting?

“Rooting” can be described as the procedure of taking control over an Android device. Also, it can allow you to bypass the limitations that is set by the manufacturer of the device. The majority of the time, rooting will void the warranty on tablets or smartphones, however, you can unroot your device by using this program. There are numerous benefits of rooting. Learn more about them here.

Here’s more specific information on this app. English version of this application.

Baidu Root APK Version Information

NameBaidu Root APK
Size10.68 MB
Required Android Version2.2 or higher

Download Baidu Root Apk For Android

Download the most recent version of the app at the link below. Be aware we regularly update the links to the latest versions of this app. So be sure to visit our website frequently.

Download APK


  • Eliminate ads from your device.
  • Modify the kernel using the app.
  • Strong – Roots nearly every device.
  • It is available in English. English version is now available.
  • Uninstall the system the bloatware.
  • Complete access to the gadget (Change the animation that starts on boot, etc. )
  • It extends the battery’s longevity.
  • Control permissions across different applications.
  • Enhances performance.

How to Install And Use Baidu Root Apk?

Step 1. Download the apk file from the link above.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Privacy > Unknown resources, and enable it.

Step 3. Now open the file manager, and then tap the apk that will install it in a normal.

Step 4. Next up, open your application, and then grant all required permissions.

Step 5. Now click on Root. This will start the process to root your device. (Android Tablets and smartphones may be restarted several times throughout this process.)

step 6. Once the device is fully rooted, it is possible to test the capabilities offered by the application.


In the past, I’ve tried a variety of methods to root Android devices without the use of a computer. However, none of them are as secure as Baidu root app. Are you a believer? Use this powerful application to root your phone and tell us about your experience in the comments section below.